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Losing 71g per day is an scientific proved healthy way to lose 2kg per month.

"Rapid weight loss easily causes physical discomfort and very likely to weight regains afterwards. Studies points out 500 grams of weight lost per week is the best and healthy way to control weight and that's why we named our weight management platform ""71g"" to convey ""safe, easy and healthy slim"" value !"

71g is an health management app to easy recorde food, activities and physiological data while engaging professionals to provide health consultation.

Easy Record

Friendly user interface allows user to easy recorde their daily food, activities and physiological data.

Smart Devices Intergration

Connect to Jawbone, bluetooth wireless body scale and H2U smart watch.

Professional Consultation

Simply filling out an professional designed dietary questionnaire, our dititiens can help you find out your special type of obese, and provides you an effective way to eat to slim.

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71g Logo

Let's lose 71g everyday together!