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Building 4CPU H2U cloud mobile health platform (Platform), relying on smart devices of useful (Useful), easy to use (User-friendly), Universal (Universal), available anytime, anywhere (Ubiquitous), consumers (People) are able to keep record of their health data (Parameter)when needed. Our dedicated physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, psychologists, counselors and other rehabilitation professionals can provide caring and counseling services by face to face, SMS, telephone or e-mail (Professionalism).

Pursue Lohas Healthy Life, Create Source of Happiness

YongYue Health Management is established in 2007. It is a lifestyle changing era: When the combination of digitization and life science ignites a new wave of revolution, when personalization and precision medicine become trendy, when medical revolution drives health economy, when artificial intelligence is widely applied in the diagnosis and treatment, with enthusiasm and faith, we chose "self-quantized "as a starting point of entrepreneurship and hopefully contribute to the health of human being. We are coming to the society of aging and declined birthrate meanwhile cancers stand among the top ten causes of death in Taiwan, for which YongYue Health Management brings together professionals from life sciences, healthcare and IT to devoting to preventive medicine. We try our best to develop and provide the comprehensive health management, healthcare food safety solutions to pursue sustainable business of Lohas, Prevention and Healthcare .

In 2014, we have connected computer and mobile devices to provide health care services through internet and community network. We have also start recording to supervise the physiological data through digital monitors or devices worn in or inside body. Look forward to 2015, we will conduct a large-scale digital data (Big data) analysis, in order to change health risk behaviors as research goals.

Our Mission and Vision: Everyone deserves life without worries.

Health is the greatest wealth and life is filled with all possibilities only when we are healthy. The optimal state of body and soul comes from full range of health care including health check, disease prevention, as well as food safety. YongYue has the world's top team, and through the multi-faceted cooperation with international medical equipment and biotechnology manufacturers, based on practical experience from Foxconn Technology Group, we are leading biomedical engineering technology and innovation initiatives.

We have around 30 employees. We hold to the vision of pain relief, health advancement, life continuation to provide a variety of innovative products and services, hopefully help people enjoy healthy happy life.

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